Welcome to Ray's Place

What is Ray’s Place?

Rays Place is a Secure Field for you to exercise your dog(s) off a lead. We offer a large area which is boarded by 6-foot chain-link fencing and a secure gate. This will allow you to exercise your dog off a lead, train your dog or just simply, enjoy being in an open space knowing your dog is safe and can run freely. 

Ray’s Place History

We are based on Fallow Farm in Woodham, which was once a busy pig farm owned and run by my Grandparents, then filled with horses by my Mother who has loved horses since she was a little girl, and is now home to farm cats and a number of free roaming pygmy goats, as well as the family dogs. 

The farm is approximately 7 acres and fully enclosed, we have a number of fenced fields where our pygmy goats roam freely across the farm keeping an eye on things and keeping the grass to an acceptable length. There is also a Doggie Day Club called Poochy Pals operating on Fallow Farm, although this is owned by family, they are not run together and use separate booking systems.

Be a paw as well?


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XL Bully restrictions

If you will be bringing an XL Bully into the paddock you must follow the government restrictions. Please find out more by clicking the link below


30 minutes

1-3 Dogs £8

4-6 Dogs £12

60 minutes

1–3 Dogs £12

4–6 Dogs £16

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